Website Design Trends for Law Firm Websites

2016 Website Design Trends for Law Firm Websites | Slidedeck


Last week I gave a talk, along with my colleague Brandie Knox, on ‘2016 Website Design Trends for Law Firm Websites.’

The presentation focused on changes which have taken place on the web over the last several years which have liberated designers from former technical constraints and allowed them to focus on core messaging and branding principles. The result has been home pages and websites in general that communicate clearer and with more visual ‘ooomph.’

The presentation would not have been possible without a bunch of well written presentations, videos and blog posts, which I used as references. A list of some of those follows:

  1. Law Firm Website Design Guide
  2. A Moz Whiteboard Friday Presentation
  3. Elements of a Successful Homepage
  4. Be Careful About These 6 Web Design Trends
  5. The Yoast Opinion on Sliders
  6. Home Page Sliders are Bad for Usability

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