A little Eye Candy…


Het Strijkijzer, the largest residential tower in Den Haag, Netherlands, stands 132m tall and has 41 floors. The building was awarded the 2007 Gold Emporis Skyscraper Award, with Emporis citing “its elegant reinterpretation of classic high-rise architecture, its contextual approach to a limited site, and its efficient program for accommodating new entrants to the housing market.”[1]

We thought the building was beautiful, elegant and would lend itself to rendering. We’ve added it to our portfolio, which we’re recently filling up with more urban imagery, as we expand our market reach into New York and Washington. And, speaking of the Big Apple, it was interesting for us to learn that a partial inspiration for the building was the Flatiron building in Manhattan.


1. ^ Emporis Award 2007. emporis.com. Emporis (February 2008). Retrieved on 2008-06-03.

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