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Let Us Get To Know You Better

The purpose of this assessment is to help us understand your business better and translate that understanding into a better web project.

Your answers will help us to collaborate better with you and, ultimately, deliver a better web project.


Website For

A project for

The Essentials

Portions of the folowing section has been filled with information we have on file. Please feel free to update this information.

Tell Us About Your Brand or Business

Other businesses
Current Clients
Potential employees
Client relationship management/customer service
We have the best products on the market
Our level of expertise and experience is superior
Our pricing for services/products is lower than most

Site Goals


This section helps us understand what you’re after with this site. Go ahead, choose as many as you need to:

Sell products
Sell professional services
Build awareness and credibility for our brand
Allow my customers to reach and interact with our business
Other: (Please explain below...)
We need Splat to provide writing services. If you need writing, please explain your needs below:

Online forum/blog
The ability to sign visitors up for our newsletter/blog
Connection to our social media accounts
Support in the form of online advertising (Google, Facebook, etc)
Specific marketing 'landing pages,' to support online advertising
On-site search functionality
Press/media section
E-commerce capability
Video streaming
Online payment capability
Other: (Please explain.)

Design Considerations

The next few questions relate to your company's branding. We'd like to know how much 'brand identity' you're currently working with and what we might be expected to provide. Please note that, unless our agreement with you includes branding and writing, these needs, if you wish to address them, will require seperate agreements and costs.

  1. Have I labeled all image files, so my partners at Splat will understand what they're looking at?
  2. Are the image files high-resolution and acceptable for professional use?
  3. Are the image files appropriate for the use we're thinking they should be used for? (In other words, if we're planning on using an image on a horizontal blog layout, the image NEEDS to be horizontal or easily croppable.)

As a final set of questions, we'd like to learn about what you like and don't like...


Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this audit. Your answers to these questions will go a long way towards ensuring that the site we design for you will make your business more successful.

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