E4: Mike Blumenthal: Local SEO Authority and Co-Founder, GetFiveStars


On this Episode of Site Unseen, we interview ‘The Godfather of Local Seo,’ Mike Blumenthal. Mike joins us to chat about all things Local SEO related and his newest entrepreneurial venture, GetFiveStars.

Mike Blumenthal is one of the best-known names in the world of local SEO. Since the early 2000s, Mike has been a recognized authority on the various incarnations which map-based Google local search has assumed. Most recently, the company he co-founded, GetFiveStars, leverages the power of online user reviews to improve a brand’s local SEO presence and reputation.

We chat with Mike about GetFiveStars, where local SEO has been, and what he thinks are the emerging local topics we all should be paying attention to in the immediate future.

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