E5: Steve Rayson: Co-Founder, Buzzsumo - Splat, Inc.

E5: Steve Rayson: Co-Founder, Buzzsumo


Ask any content marketer for a list of research tools they rely on most heavily and Buzzsumo is bound to be at the top of their list. Buzzsumo allows digital marketers to discover what content is trending in their vertical and who is producing it. Additionally, its powerful analytics tools allow you to compare your content’s performance with your competitors, as well as monitor their efforts.

My guest on this episode of Site Unseen is Steve Rayson, one of the founder’s of Buzzsumo. Steve and I chat about the circumstances behind the founding of the online tool, as well as how it has matured. Finally, we review its toolset and talk about some of the creative ways Buzzsumo’s users leverage its power.

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