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E9: Jake Aull and Dave Talk WordPress & SEO


Jake Aull is an expert in SEO for WordPress sites. So much so, in fact, that he’s written a book about the subject.

In this episode of Site Unseen, I sit down with Jake and talk about all the puzzling WordPress SEO issues which developers and SEOs typically ask themselves when they first step into the back end of a WordPress build. Some of the issues we cover include:

  • When to use Tags, when to use Categories and what to do about their Archive pages?
  • How does one deal with pagination indexation for multi-page Archives on WordPress?
  • When building out a custom WordPress theme, which SEO tools are the ‘must haves’ and which are optional?

I hope you enjoy my chat with Jake Aull. WordPress does make the automation of many basic technical SEO tasks easier, but still leaves developers with a lot of confusion and questions. This episode seeks to clear some of those up.

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