Real Estate Print Advertising Rule of Thumb Number 10: It’s a Good Idea to Tell Your Readers Where Your Project is Located


Reading the Sunday Paper this morning, I happened upon a quarter-page six-panel layout featuring a number of different new construction offerings of various sizes. My friend, Tom, studied the ad above for “101” and quizzically looked at me and asked “Where the heck IS that project?” I’m passingly familiar with it and knew it was located in downtown Philadelphia, but, I’m wondering, how many people looked at it and had now clue where the project is located?

I’m guessing the lack of address is either an oversight or there’s an underlying assumption that readers will know the project is in downtown. (But, even if that were the case, WHERE in downtown is still an important question to answer…) But, even if that was the rationale at work, both Tom and I noted that four of the six projects (three of which are highrises) are nowhere near Philadelphia.

Admittedly, there’s no room to spare in a 3″ X 3″ ad but, one would think, project address is one “detail” that shouldn’t be absent from that expensive little swatch of ad space…

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