Splat's Spring Cleaning Guide: 
Part Two - Splat, Inc.

Splat’s Spring Cleaning Guide: 
Part Two


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You’ve cleaned up your digital act with resources that we provided in our Spring Cleaning Guide Part One last week. Hooray! Now what? Well, as they say, you can never be to rich or clean (being too thin is overrated – we like cake.) There are always more tools to explore when it comes to managing your digital life. New shiny objects are being released each week so be sure to search the iTunes store and use the search feature to research cleanup topics that are important to you! Have a great clean up resource that we haven’t listed? We’d love to know about it. Tell us at jami@splatworld.tv.

Social Media Platforms

Make Social Studies your best subject
(Free trial)

By now, everyone knows that Hootsuite is one of the best ways to manage multiple social networks in one place, connect with customers and grow your brand. Often overlooked are its Listening features (find out what your customers are saying about you and your competition) and it’s security features (two step authentication ensures your brand and networks are protected. Sometimes spring clean up means being more cognizant of your time and avoiding burnout rates as a social media manager. Hootsute (also available for mobile) allows you to quickly respond to messages, mentions and comments through a single dashboard and also allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, allowing you to commit an entire Monday to posting…that way you’re not worrying about it throughout the week.

What to get your niece who’s graduating from a top party college

After you connect your accounts and run a report (under 5 minutes) scrubber will flag posts with profanity, innuendo, mentions of drugs or alcohol, flag political and religious posts, allow you to search for custom keywords like ex, boss and it will also scan through comments your friends made on your posts (you know, like from the night you posted a picture with your bra on backwards.) Scrubber is completely free to run a report. You only pay if you find a lot of items you need to clean up and desire Scrubber to help clean it up – you’ve got it maid (#sorrynotsorry).

Snaps and Vids

Organize your photos and videos.
Photo Cleaner – Album Organizer
by: Jinpyo Hong

Reading that headline was probably almost annoying as dealing with duplicates of that less-than-spectacular selfie. Photo Cleaner is a powerful tool for organizing your photos and videos. It provides features such as cleaning up duplicate/similar media and media compression. This app is loved by many for its great interface ability to save tons of iCloud Space.


Just browsing?
Try One-Tab.com

Available for Google Ghrome and Firefox

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once. When your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will have reduced the number of tabs open in Google Chrome. We can’t believe this is free.


The do not call list for your in-bin


Here you can Instantly see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want. With Unroll.Me, you ditch unwanted emails, consolidate sales/newsletters/listserv emails into a convenient daily digest called the Rollup, and keep the rest in your inbox. People really seem to like the deleting feature.

For Mead’s Trapper Keeper Fans
By: Otherinbox

You can effortlessly and securely manages your email. Receipts, newsletters, and more are instantly organized into folders, saving your email inbox for what is most important to you. It’s got more than 1 million users and it works across all major email providers and suports most  IMAP enabled mailboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Comcast, Cox, and AOL. Who doesn’t want email augiocally sorted into folders? Banish the clutter so that you don’t miss an email from a real person…or client. The Daily Digest is sent to you summariing what’s been organized for you recently. Um…yes please.

Desktop Organization

You love your Mac, but does your Mac love you?

If you keep all sorts of stuff on the desktop, probably not. It’s kind of like giving an octogenarian like 10 boxes to carry. It slows them down! Declutter is a robust, yet simple utility with a responsive interface. It will keep the stuff on your computer in order (almost like reading your mind). Create complex rules to make the app sort everything for you. Its part of the Setapp Collection. which also includes CleanMyMac (frees up disk space and speeds up your Mac) and Spotless (Organizes your files faster than you can say ‘Now where did I put that?’).

Got Ambition and Drive?
by MacPaw

This app allows you to save files directly to any drive by dragging-and-dropping your way to happiness. You can customize your USB icons for easy identification and to give them a nifty personal touch. We also like that drives automatically eject when your Mac goes to sleep and you can hide the disks you don’t need.

Yes. That cloud is in the shape of a happy face.

If you haven’t taken advantage of cloud storage yet, it’s not too late to do so. Chrome extension Download to Dropbox adds an option to your right-click menu to send any files directly from the web to a folder on your Dropbox – easy peasy give your mouse a squeezy. You can accomplish something similar manually in Firefox with the extension Save Link in Folder. Saving directly to dropbox is so easy and very helpful especially if you take a lot of screenshots.

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