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The Weekly Posts: AdSense Auto Ads Rolled Out and Digital Marketing Success for Netflix


This week we cover how to achieve success using data-driven strategies, marketing mistakes to avoid, how Netflix successfully uses digital marketing, the launch of Auto Ads, and the importance of not taking social media shortcuts.

Drive Leads and Double Your Profits

To drive sales and increase profits, you must have the proper digital strategy in place that will eliminate the competition. Using the right data is key. This article explains how to successfully drive leads and double your profits through five data-driven strategies. Find out more here.

Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes?

With the marketing landscape constantly evolving, the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest trends is vital for your business. As a result, mistakes are commonly made when practicing new trends. This article highlights the top seven dreadful marketing mistakes that you should avoid this year. Learn more here.

Netflix Masters Digital Marketing

What sets Netflix apart from other popular streaming services? Aside from just producing great shows, they know how to use advanced digital marketing techniques to attract new customers and keep existing ones. This article explores a few of the digital marketing principles that contribute to the overall success of Netflix. Read more here.

Google Rolls Out Auto Ads

Today Google AdSense debuted Auto Ads. The new ad format optimizes placements by using machine learning to detect and place ads appropriately. During beta, Google found that participating publishers “saw an average revenue lift of ten percent with revenue increases ranging from five to fifteen percent.” Get the full scoop here.

Social Media Success Shortcuts Debunked

Hacking algorithms in hopes to obtain social media success quicker can cause serious delays in the results of your marketing. Columnist Mark Traphagen explains why taking shortcuts is a losing strategy that’ll likely waste your time and cost you more in the long run. Find out more here.

Round Out The Week With an Event

Check in next week for more of the latest digital marketing industry related news and helpful information. Also, be sure to take a look at our events page to view all upcoming digital marketing events from around the globe.

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