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The Weekly Post: WordPress Mistakes to Avoid and Smart Bidding With AdWords


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Rut-row. Creating WordPress themes have you smashing vases on your wall? Here’s how to chill. Thank you Smashing Magazine for seven ways to save your sanity.

We can all agree that keeping best practices in mind is important, however it’s often forgotten. This little ditty lists real tips to lean on when developing squeaky clean code like making sure you’re still not using wp_print_styles, which kicked the bucket in 3.3. Read more here.

Smart bidding for AdWords? Hells’ yeah. Here’s why it’s awesome:

Thank goodness for Daniel Gilbert, founder of Brainlabs. In this 2-minute read, he sets us straight with regard to when and when not to use smart bidding which “combines machine learning and contextual signals to optimize bids at auction level. This contextual data ranges from geolocation, time of day, ad creative, and user device to find the conversion opportunity and optimal bid at each auction.” (Um, whoa.) Click to learn here.

Organic Traffic declining faster than POTUS’s confidence in Sarah Huckabee Sanders when answering Stormy D questions for the media?

We tapped The Wizzard of Moz, Andrew Choco because he’s Choco-full-of-ways (#sorrynotsorry) to tell if the issue is a Tracking or Optimization conundrum. If Google Anayltics has you scratching your head, this article offers help in determining if the decline was due to actual poor SEO performance, an influx in competitors, tracking issues, or a wicked combination of all three. Choco is the VP of Marketing at Directive Consulting in CA. Dive in here.

Apps Blowing up Mobile E-Commerce in 2018

Got an online store? Looking for a legit panacea that will provide a significant advantage over your competition? Take a second to learn about PWA (hint: Not People With Acne). We’re talkin’ websites that offer the near identical experience of a native app, but within a standard browser. Speed, responsiveness, offline functionality and user retention are all behind this trending Progressive Web Apps. You may actually want to exfoliate after reading this. Read on here.

Why it’s a good idea to paint that boudoir focal wall red and other colorful ideology:

Thank hue Harshita Arora for authoring such an engaging piece on the psychology of color. This story is a little shady, but we love the list of online tools and hacks (you’re going to want to bookmark them) that designers of all levels can tap for finding just the right color palette or for making your own. Annoying puns aside, setting the mood in the hearts and minds of consumers is a much studied science. Color becomes an even more important area of consideration in the world of packaging so we also added a companion read that speaks to bold, loud colors and ‘shelf cred’. A smart designer knows that color, readability and imagery are important on packaging because often times, products are reduced to a thumbnail on many e-commerce sites. Can color keep a thumb from scrolling? We say yes. More here.
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