A Philadelphia Internet Marketing and Website Design Firm

Splat Productions is a digital marketing agency with core strengths in website development, internet marketing and brand design. We offer our clients smartly conceived and beautifully executed solutions which help their brands excel on the web.

Our Services Include:

Website Design.   For most companies -- particularly B2B concerns -- a website is the first impression and principal expression of a brand. Since 2004, we’ve been designing highly effective websites that both tell your brand story and invite customer engagement. Today our websites usually feature content management, allowing you to easily change editorial content, create blogs, update e-commerce offerings and much more. You can see our interactive portfolio here.

Internet Marketing.   The most diverse of our service categories, our internet marketing services are al intended to get your brand noticed and remain relevant to your audience. Services include: organic search engine optimization & audits, local search optimization, pay-per-click advertising email marketing and social media strategies. Or a mix of any or all of the above.

Brand Identity Design.   Effective brand design is strategic design. We’ll take you through a process to ensure that your most compelling brand benefits are clearly understood. Then we’ll create or refine a logo, tagline and mesaging platform to communicate that brand essence in the most compelling way possible. You can see examples of our identity work here.

Internet Strategy & Planning.   At minimum, we will consult with you to ensure that we understand how your new website fits in to your overall marketing plan. We can also help you create an integrated strategy that clarifies the role of digital marketing, identifies digital opportunities and sets out long term goals and measurements.