Local SEO & Content Strategy Services

SEO was simpler in 2010.

Google isn’t just a list of links anymore. New E-EAT guidelines, AI-generated search results, and accessibility standards have changed what gets promoted.

We stay ahead of rapid change.


SEO can

Reinforce your local presence

Show off excellent service

Build rapport with potential clientele

Make you the obvious choice

SEO Audit

Splat addresses on-page, technical, and off-page features that may be keeping your website from optimal performance in 
search results.

An important SEO component is compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), allowing users of all abilities to engage with your site and your brand.

Organic Growth.

We recommend content strategy tailored for the Google of today, not the Google of ten or fifteen years ago.

We’ll tell you how to feature in snippets, “people also ask” results, and other zero-click elements in the search engine results page (SERP) users gravitate to first.

And, most importantly, we’ll figure out what E-EAT – Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness – means for you and your brand.

So what you do best, every day, drives your 
search results.

Local SEO

Get your digital signage right.

Being picked from a list of local search results is about best fit to a user’s needs and trust. We optimize your Google Business Profile, help with verification, and take care of everything you need to seem reputable in Google Maps or location-based searches.

Solicit the reviews you want from your clients and customers without breaking any rules. And get outreach and customer management strategies that lock down the stars you deserve.

And So Much More

Worried your out-of-the-box Wordpress site isn’t equipped for SEO? We’ll get it compliant.

Unsure how to get the backlinks to your pages that are more crucial in 2024 than they’ve ever been? We’ll build your domain authority until you need to wear a suit in public.

Looking to exploit AI-assisted searches? We can help you rise to the top, and not get plagiarized.

SEO, like everything else digital marketing, is best done as a relationship. We weave in our Analytics and Digital Advertising services to get all the details right, consistently, until search works for you.

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