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Creating a unified web presence for a law firm with an emphasis on defending victims of elder abuse.

Less was more, in the service of a stronger digital brand.

Our work for the law firm of Dansky | Katz | Ringold | York brought with it a unique set of challenges. Expressing the firm’s reputation for successful litigation on the behalf of victims of elder abuse was the easy part. Harder, though, was the fact that the firm had developed a previous digital strategy which had spread the firm’s online reputation across three websites.

We consolidated all messaging to a single website, which we designed to be easily edited by in-house staff. The result is a responsive presence for the brand which is cleaner and more visually powerful than the off-the-shelf WordPress template the firm previously relied on. As part of a larger mission which focused on search engine visibility, we also rewrote all HTML ‘meta’ tags on the site and prepared the site for ongoing SEO, post launch.

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The importance of earnest content.

The digital marketing world is all aflutter about content. ‘Content is King’ is the tired cliché we’ve all been hearing since 2012 or earlier. Yet, for all of the uproar, many marketers fail to understand that ‘lots’ and ‘any’ should never be the highest criteria for a content strategy. Content has to be unique and resonant to an audience. And, even great content fails if it isn’t promoted correctly. Content, social media, linkbuilding, - even PPC - are all part of the current digital marketing playbook.

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