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One of the best known tax law firms in California, Moskowitz LLP assists individuals and businesses navigate the complicated mine field of local, state and federal tax regulations.

Consolidating a Well Known Local Professional Services Brand

Radio and TV listeners know who Steve Moskowitz is. For many years, Steve has been a featured guest on local sports and general interest shows, offering his deep knowledge of tax law to listeners and commenting on the tax-related problems of well-known athletes and celebrities.

Moskowitz’s reputation was built on the professional strengths of their firm’s lawyers, but it was also assisted by a thoroughgoing commitment to traditional marketing. Splat was recruited to give their brand the same resonance on the web that it had on the airwaves. Our ongoing work with them has included a redesign of their website, a new identity and ongoing organic SEO and digital marketing services.

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A new website is just a start.

When a new client comes to us, they, understandably, have high expectations for what a new website can do for their brand. In our web design projects, we try to meet those demands but, sometimes, certain expectations are unrealistic. Even the best of websites won’t drive new traffic in the absence of an ongoing internet marketing effort. That’s why we provide a full stable of services, including SEO, PPC and content marketing.

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