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How Google Now & Siri are Changing Search Engine Queries

Windows Cortana, Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Facebook’s M – these and other digital assistants are clearly game changers for search. But how, exactly, are they altering the rules and the turf? What “game” are they changing, specifically, and how are marketers like you supposed to react? Before getting into the wonky details, let’s take a […]

Website Design Trends for 2016

What a world. 2016’s barely out of the crib, and web design enthusiasts are already heatedly debating which “trends” will catch on and go viral and which will die on the vine. The prognosticating business is always a dangerous business – it’s easy to follow the herd, even unconsciously, and hard to make truly original […]

How Important is Page Speed for SEO in 2015?

Short answer: somewhere between “completely irrelevant” and “so crucial that you should slash and burn your site’s best features if it speeds loading time by a few milliseconds.” That’s hyperbole, of course, but it speaks to the confusion over this issue and the contradictory arguments from experts and even from Lord Google (and Archduke Bing) […]

Why Website Maintenance is Critical for Your WordPress Site

(We recently added annual service plans as options to our WordPress website development customers. This post explains why…) Initially, when we started building websites, I’d learn about monthly maintenance from my clients who were being provided them by their former web agency. Initially, I was a skeptic. I’m as much of a skinflint as clients […]


In our last article, I wrote about the first of several standards changes which are already affecting websites built today and which will continue to influence the web moving forward. That standard is the Regions standard. In this post, we’ll look at yet another layout-related innovation coming our way, Flexbox. What is Flexbox and what […]

Specifications that will change the web of tomorrow, part 1: Regions

As working web professionals, we’re faced with walking a tightrope of information and explanation everyday. Basically, what we do is technical by nature. But, it has very real ramifications in the daily lives of our (usually) non-technical clients. One of our core tasks in the studio, then, is attempting to clarify how the technical minutiae […]