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One Theater Square

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A modular solution for one of Philadelphia’s most respected residential development companies. We created a custom layout system which could be applied across multiple property websites, saving both time and money for our client, Dranoff Properties.

Five websites in one.

Dranoff Properties came to us with a unique request. One of the region’s largest property managers and developers, their five major apartment complexes were all in need of new websites. In an effort to economize and make the process of managing content more efficient, we designed a single custom template for all their properties. By changing brand elements, photography and copywriting, each site is able to maintain its own identity, while relying on framework elements which are commonly shared.

The site is a custom WordPress theme, with much customization within the administrative area, to ensure that all major sections of it are manageable by internal Dranoff staff. Hosting management and maintenance are provided by Splat, as well, to make the ongoing managment of their portfolio of sites easier for their marketing staff.

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When a new client comes to us, they, understandably, have high expectations for what a new website can do for their brand. In our web design projects, we try to meet those demands but, sometimes, certain expectations are unrealistic. Even the best of websites won’t drive new traffic in the absence of an ongoing internet marketing effort. That’s why we provide a full stable of services, including SEO, PPC and content marketing.

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