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Dave Hitt, Author

David Hitt

Dave Hitt, Author

David Hitt is the founder of Splat, Inc. a website design anddigital marketing firm in Philadelphia, and the principal author of Sitegeist.

David began Splat in 2000, at a time when the first “dot-com” bubble was transforming businesses, both large and small. The company’s first few years were devoted to bringing desktop visualization and marketing tools into the hands of real estate marketing professionals. Splat’s virtual tours, marketing reels and illustrations from this era helped sell some of Philadelphia’s signature highrise real estate built during this decade, including 1706 Rittenhouse, Symphony House and The Residences at Two Liberty Place.

Evolving client relationships led to the beginning of Splat’s interactive division, in 2005. As marketing plans for our clients became increasingly web-centric, we began tailoring our offerings to suit. Suddenly, digital images and animation which were once featured mostly in sale centers began to be centerpieces of Splat-designed websites. By the time the market crashed in 2008. Splat’s interactive department represented fifty percent of the company’s billings.

As the internet continued to evolve, we began to realize that web marketing simply begins when a client’s website launches. In 2007, David began writing a Blogspot-hosted blog called Sitegeist. Sitegeist was and continues to chronicle the evolution of website design and internet marketing, as seen through the prism of the work we perform for our clients. (As our interactive workload increased and we began to develop content managed websites, we eventually ported Sitegeist to its current self-hosted and WordPress driven location.)

Currently, the studio focuses its work exclusively on website design and internet marketing. We take a wholistic, objective-focused approach to the sites we design and create marketing strategic plans to ensure those objectives are met.

Getting in Touch with David

Besides blogging at Sitegeist, David can also be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. And, of course, you can always write him here or call our offices at 215-546-0177.