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At Splat, we believe that all great marketing
begins with a deep dive into the machinery.
Whether we’re working for a well-known corporate brand or a fledgling start-up, we begin by assessing our clients’ goals and then pull the appropriate disciplines together to meet them. From responsive website design, to PPC, SEO, content strategy and email marketing, we ensure our clients’ digital marketing plans function like intricately crafted engines of business growth.

Digital Design & Development

'Digital,' 'design,' and 'development.' These three words are central to our service mission and have been in Splat's DNA since its founding. Design and development typically serve as the foundations for most of the work we do for our clients. Whether we're building a fresh new website, executing an email marketing strategy or editing existing website code for our SEO and PPC clients, design and development are the tools we rely on across all our disciplines. Almost all of our work represents custom solutions to our clients' needs. To execute complicated missions with the care they deserve, we design and build nearly all of our work entirely in-house.

Although we work within a variety of development frameworks, Wordpress is the content management system most often requested by our clients. We build most of our Wordpress sites entirely from scratch, rather than relying on pre-built templates, which typically are both limited in their flexibility and cumbersome to maintain. After we've launched your digital product, we offer a variety of hosting management and maintenance services, to ensure your brand is represented on the web, 24/7.

Content Creation

Content on the internet is marketing. Often pitched as ‘its own thing,’ we regard the creation of content as central to any ongoing digital marketing strategy. Paired with promotion through social media - as well as organic SEO and paid digital marketing practices - content is what keeps your brand relevant and draws the attention of new and existing customers. We offer consulting and executional services for content marketing, including editorial planning, copy/blog writing and curation services. No matter the size of your need, we’ll get your brand saying something interesting on the web in no time.


Strategic thinking guides all our client engagements. Although clients often come to us with specific tasks in mind, whether we’re designing a new website or providing ongoing PPC management, we never stop asking ourselves how specific tasks relate to the larger goals of driving brand awareness and new business. We’re so good at strategy, in fact, that we offer it as a service. If you’re a small business that needs an out-of-house Director of Marketing, or a proven third party to either critique your business’ existing digital marketing plan or create a new one from scratch, we’re here for you.


Visibility for your brand on the web is why you’re hiring a digital marketing agency in the first place. These days visibility is accomplished with a combination of well-built digital assets (your website, social media profiles, micro-sites, etc), paid advertising, and content creation & promotion.

Our paid advertising services include Google AdWords campaign design, setup and maintenance. AdWords is ideal for many of our clients, as it gets their brand guaranteed instant recognition, in contrast to the ‘hit or miss’ nature of promotion on social media or the length of time sometimes necessary to achieve significant results in non-paid, organic SEO.

Along with PPC, we offer local and ongoing organic SEO, as well. Both local and traditional SEO are long-term strategies which, along with content creation, can give your brand endurance on the web, such that relevant content on your website can be found, not only in the near term, but many months (or years) from now, too.