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Why You Should Never Respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Definition: What is a RFP? What does “RFP” stand for? RFP means Request for Proposal. You can define what an RFP is in business differently across different fields, but a graphic design RFP, communications RFP, video production RFP, architectural RFP, and marketing RFP all have one meaning in common: They’re asymmetrical asks for what amounts […]

Google Practitioner Listings: What are they and why should you care?

We’ve written a lot over the years about Local SEO and our longstanding belief that it offers one of the best ‘bang for your buck’ opportunities for business’ to show up in organic search. Our obsession also is self-interested: many of our clients are professional service firms, with physical locations that allow them to maximize […]

Local SEO for Law Firms

A beginner’s guide to Local SEO for law firms. Of all the different flavors of digital marketing our clients hire us to perform, local search engine optimization (Local SEO) is probably the least understood. Often, though, the relatively high return on investment good local provides makes it a no-brainer recommendation for our law firm clients. […]

How to Write the Perfect Attorney Bio: A Deeper Dive

If there’s one constant refrain legal marketers hear all the time, it’s that attorney bio pages are one of their firm website’s most critical sections. ‘Experts’ harp on the importance of bio pages, often citing visitation statistics to these areas as evidence of their importance. In our own experience, we haven’t necessarily found visitation figures […]

13 Design Tips for Better Real Estate & Property Management Websites

Executive Summary/TLDR Multi-family real estate is a competitive business. But if you can find a way to stand out in your market, you’ll reap huge profits. While there are plenty of real estate listings sites that will allow you to spread the word about your residential and mixed use properties, that’s like entrusting your entire […]

Reoptimizing Old Website & Blog Content: A Case Study in Increasing Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Blog

Executive Summary/TLDR Law firms with existing blogs can often see increases in both traffic and conversions by reoptimizing content. In this post, we look at the results we achieved for a client by reoptimizing existing content. As part of a larger strategy, this effort saw organic traffic increase by nearly 200%, over only four months. […]

Budget Friendly Website Redesign Strategies

Refresh your marketing on the web without breaking your budget Executive Summary/TLDR: Businesses that need to change their websites in a cash-strapped era have options. Here we will explain how to accomplish significant incremental improvements in website navigation, content, and design on a limited budget. Throughout my years of running a digital marketing agency, I’ve seen […]

Marketing Self Assessment for Professional Service Firms | Part 1

Marketing your professional services firm today is fraught with challenges. Yes, the internet enables a geographic reach that has broken down geographic barriers. And the ability to conduct research, as well as market to niche demographics, lends a new precision to an old craft. But, these same technologies have also created obstacles. Pricing pressures abound. […]