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In 2024, your website is more important than your office.

To earn you money, it needs to feed you data you can
understand, stay secure, and make visitors feel at home –
and ready to buy. And someone needs to look after it every day, often for years, to grow it to its full potential.

Read on.


Good websites can:

build rapport with clients 24 hours a day, tip off real talent to join your team, differentiate your brand: and sell.

Web Development
and Hosting.

Your website isn’t a single line item: it’s a relationship.

Splat can code every web asset in the digital marketing playbook by hand in house to execute your particular marketing strategy. But, more importantly, we can adapt in real time to what you need, and monitor your progress so you’re never left hanging.

Hosting your site with us lets us solve any technical issues as they arise and keep you live – often without having to bother you about it.

Landing Pages that Sell

Make informed decisions easy.

Buyers are assailed with BS on the internet. 
They’re tired. A long-form landing page by Splat is the warm blanket and mug of hot cocoa.

We design a custom flow of information based on proprietary research that perfectly marries marketing and sales. Qualify prospects, allay concerns, answer objections, and make them feel good before they click that button. 
It’s your one-stop-shop for due diligence.

Web and UX (User Experience) Design.

Oh, that makes sense.

Through an efficient series of design meetings, our team will advise you on copy that converts, and prepare clean, elegant, functional website layouts that show your business at its best.

We’ll begin with a reverse timeline from your preferred launch date, including milestones along the way, so you stay in control of the process.

You’ll get compliments on your website

Web Maintenance and Optimization.

We aren’t going anywhere.

Partnering with the wrong agency can be as disastrous as partnering with the wrong spouse. 
We may not be the right one for everyone, but our clients can rely on us to execute their needs and stand by our work.

No matter where your web presence starts, we can help you improve it and keep it intact.

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