Shop Local. Buy Local. Market Local. Definitive Strategies for Success in Local SEO & PPC


Local SEO has long been best-bang-for-the-buck, low-hanging-fruit in digital marketing. A critical part of any bricks-and-mortal business, local has long been a particularly strategic play in industries such as real estate, professional services, retail, and hospitality.

Getting your business to show up in a local pack or leveraging the many paid opportunities Google and Bing offer, though, requires expert strategy and execution. In our next Site Unseen webinar, we’ll explore both organic and paid strategies, necessary for your business to succeed in Local SEO.

We’ll begin by looking at organic techniques, including:

  • Bringing your GMB listing up-to-speed
  • Seeding your website with localized markers and cues
  • Developing a consistent citation profile across directories
  • Developing and scaling a social review strategy

The second half of our webinar will look at Google-based paid strategies to enhance the local reach of your business.

Local marketing with Google Ads is more than simply geo-targeting your audience in your physical location. It is essential to laser target PPC budgets to reach your customers in all phases of the customer journey and increase ROI. In this part of our webinar, you will learn how to take your local targeting to the next level:

  • GMB Guaranteed Ads
  • Google Ads local ads/extensions
  • Laser focused geo-targeting strategies
  • Lesser known advanced targeting features

David Hitt of Splat and Lisa Raehsler of BigClickCo will be our hosts and presenters.

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