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E8: Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Talks “Content Chemistry”



Andy Crestodina is a well-known personality and overall ‘super bright guy’ in the world of digital marketing and web design. A founding Principal of Orbit Media in Chicago, Andy is a prodigious writer and speaker as well. He recently wrote one of the most useful manuals of content marketing I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The book is called “Content Chemistry” and, needless to say, it comes highly recommended. Andy’s book is a perfect marriage of concision and comprehensiveness. In the book, he gives you the 50,000-foot strategic overview of the content marketing process, as well as the intelligence necessary to execute the crucial tasks in the content marketing workflow.

In a wide-ranging but compact broadcast, Andy and I talk about many ideas critical to successful content creation and promotion, including:

  • Using ‘content hubs’ to gain initial traction in your marketing efforts on the web. This practice allows new content marketers to establish beachheads of relevance in new content areas. Later, as these efforts succeed, your brand’s digital presence can grow outwards from these initial efforts.
  • Matching Content to Brand Mission (or not). Does your brand’s expertise align neatly with content topics your prospects want to read? What if you’re principally a technology company, but your market is Chief Marketing Officers? Understanding how to accommodate content to the consuming interests of your target audience can be tricky. We discuss.
  • Content atomization. This is the idea of getting the most bang out of your content marketing buck. Has your brand produced a meaty, comprehensive white paper in your vertical? ‘Atomize’ it by breaking it up, repurposing it and reassembling it into many smaller, supplementary forms of content.
  • The role of promotion (social media.) The rule of thirds still governs content marketing success. If you aren’t making significant efforts in promoting your content, it’s unlikely to get noticed.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Andy Crestodina. It was a pleasure to interview one of the sharper minds in our industry and I urge you to check out his book.

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