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Marketing Professional Services: A Splatworld Event


On Tuesday, March 26, Splat’s founder David Hitt and legal marketing consultant Jim Staples hosted a breakfast seminar on marketing for professional services at The Pyramid Club in Philadelphia, PA.

The presentation – which was aimed at sole proprietors, partners, and marketing professionals at law firms of all sizes – discussed strategies to get your professional service firm to attract and retain more business.

David and Jim each offered a blueprint for sustained success, with David focusing on creating and marketing a unique brand and Jim focusing on business development tactics.

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David’s main takeaways:

There are two main aspects to building long-term success on the web: discovering and solidifying your brand’s identity, and amplifying your brand’s message. The first step typically consists of conducting an initial brand audit, designing your visual identity (ex. your logo) and developing a positioning statement that sets you apart. The second step begins with a deep look at your brand’s ideal clients and current strategies, and then moves into a content centered approach to marketing: creating content that speaks to your target audience and promoting that content through a mix of paid and organic methods.

Jim’s main takeaways:

Everyone can become a successful business developer. If you are willing to do it and can be disciplined about devoting an hour to your plan each week, you will grow your book of business. In building relationships, warmth comes before competence, and you must learn to listen well, focusing on the concerns of the other person. And, in building relationships, be aware of the five rungs of “the relationship ladder,” particularly rung #4, offering help. You don’t need to close, just create a next step that you can control. Finally, don’t go it alone! Find a colleague who will be your Board of Directors of One!


David Hitt Pyramid Club March 2019

Jim Staples Pyramid Club March 2019

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