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Understanding Instagram and How to Make Friends and Gain Followers


(Editor’s Note: This post is a guest post, written by a fellow from the UK who specializes in helping business clients get the most out of Instagram.)

Instagram has become an incredibly popular tool, which allows you to share your favorite photos with the world. However, many people do not fully understand what Instagram is, or how to use it effectively. Once you begin to use your account, you will enjoy the fact that you can grow your community, and become one of the popular pages.

There are several different techniques and methods, which will ensure that your community grows, and your followers are beneficial. You can acquire friends, and share your memories with people all over the world. However, there are rules to abide by, and steps to follow to be a success in the Instagram world.

Understanding Instagram

You may have stumbled across Instagram; however, you will soon discover how enjoyable this tool can be for you and your friends. However, you need to understand what Instagram entails, and how to use it effectively. Instagram is the latest tool from Iphone, which enables you to enhance and share photos.

The app allows you to build to your portfolio, capture amazing photos and share them easily to social networking sites. Instagram allows photos to be filtered without the need to spend hours uploading and editing. Many people enjoy using Instagram due to the simplicity, and ability to share to a wider audience.

Reaching the popular page

This will become your goal; however, many people do not understand why this is so vital to achieve. The popular page is considered to be the pinnacle of the Instagram world, and users strive to achieve this goal. Learning how to reach this stage is crucial, and if you follow all of the tips and useful information, you will reach the popular page in a short space of time.

Quality photos are essential

Initially you will be tempted to post everything that you own; however, this will not encourage top quality followers. Low quality photos will not enhance your page, and will encourage followers to go to other profiles. Therefore, if you want quality followers, you need to post quality photos, which interest people.

Post a few photos at a time

Enthusiasm often gets the better of people that join Instagram, and you will find that you are tempted to upload hundreds of photos at one time. However, you need to learn not to overdo the posting and only post up to 10 photos at a time. People will tire of your constant posting, and consider you to be spam. There will be plenty of opportunities to post your photos in the future, therefore, take your time and post slowly.

Plan when to post your photos

There are always prime times when people are using the Internet, and you should plan your posting to coincide with these times. You will soon learn when you receive more comments and likes; therefore, you can plan when you need to post your photos. Determining the peak times for people to comment, will ensure that you reach the popular page far quicker. If your followers are not online, when you post, you will not receive the comments which make you popular. However, you need to bear in mind that the Instagram users are located all over the world; therefore, achieving the perfect time schedule may be difficult.

You will achieve a wider audience if you stagger your postings throughout the day, and only post a small number of photos at a time. You want your followers to remain interested in your photos and not be tired of seeing your posts all day. Posting throughout the whole day will also help to achieve a greater exposure.

Using the tags and enjoying their benefits

There are several different tools, which you can use on your photos, which will help to achieve more followers. One very popular one is the hash tag, which allows you to tag numerous different people and places in the photo. Your photos will be grouped in with other similar images, ensuring that they are seen by a wider audience.

However, you need to ensure that you choose your tags wisely and that you do not select random tags for your photos. The more tags, which relate to your photo the better, as people will search for these and find your photos. You need to be creative, and ensure that you tag well, and often to achieve a better ranking.

Sharing the photos is essential

To use Instagram effectively, you need to allow your photos to be shared by other followers on social networking sites. You need to be a follower yourself on Instagram, and take the time to comment and share other photos. What you write will be seen by potential followers; therefore, you need to ensure that you are sensible, honest but never rude.

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