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The Weekly Post: Digital Marketing Defined and The Secret to Winning Local SEO


In this week’s addition, Splat’s Weekly Roundup, we start off by dialing back just a bit to show some love to late adopters with an article explaining exactly what digital marketing is. We also uncover how to create effective video content in 2018, building links with content marketing, and last but not least, the fail-proof recipe for winning at Local SEO strategies. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like what you see! If you have any content suggestions you’d like us to cover, feel free to drop us a line at

Digital Marketing, Say What?

What the heck is digital marketing and why is it so important? HubStop contributor, Lucy Alexander, has the answers, which are perfectly packaged in plain English. Throughout her article, she defines “digital marketing” as an umbrella term for all online marketing efforts. For example, your website is digital marketing – social media channels, email, branding assets – all fall into the digital marketing bucket. Lucy delves into the tactics that propel these efforts to get brands noticed; most notably, search engine optimization (SEO).

Ya’ still with me? Overall, digital marketing consists of an array of components that all successful brands utilize and we’ve only discussed a mere fraction of the these. Lucy goes into length, and does a great job may I add, regarding endless importance digital has for any and all businesses. Learn more here.

Think Like a Goldfish and Start Creating Effective Video Content

It’s no secret that videos are a ruling factor of web content. YouTube reports indicate that video consumption rises 100 percent annually, and predicts 80 percent of all internet traffic is set to be video by 2019. For those who have already mastered the art of creating effective video campaigns, YouTube’s findings are great news. If your brand hasn’t leveraged video yet, what’s holding you back? AdWeek contributor Molly Louis put together great advice on how to create an effective digital video campaign that’ll convert visitors to customers. Her strategy consists of five key components to follow along your journey to video perfection. And… action!

Demolish Your Link Building Woes

James Brock, a contributor to Search Engine Journal and respected SEO expert, discusses different ways to build links through content marketing. He understands the difficulty of link building well and points out that links remain one of the top three ranking factors. He suggests that if you want to rank high in 2018, “you need a great link profile pointing to your domain.” Content Marketing can help to achieve this.

Brock highlights fourteen techniques. The first seven are low-budget content marketing techniques (thanks, Brock!), while the second half is mid-budget. Get the full scoop here.

Be a Local Yocal

Is your website a lead generation machine? Do you desire an increase in your website’s social media shares and overall traffic? Pssst, I’ll let you in on a little secret – that is, only if you’re really serious about how your website ranks locally. So are you? Read on.

Paul Paquin of SEMrush graciously shares the secret sauce behind killing it at Local SEO. He explains a strategy with seven steps that are sure to achieve what I mentioned above and so much more. In addition to all of that, Paul even includes a great Local SEO template and a few other goodies to help you along your journey to win Local SEO. Much love Mr. Paquin, and thank you! Find out more here.

Round Out The Week With an Event

Check in next week for more of the latest digital marketing industry related news and helpful information. Also, be sure to take a look at our events page to view all upcoming digital marketing events from around the globe.

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