The Weekly Posts:Linkless Link Building and Content Conversation

The Weekly Posts: Linkless Link Building and Content Conversation


What’s new?

Linkless link building? Content conversation? These are just a few new digital marketing topics trending right now. In the world of digital, change happens quickly. Let’s look at what is changing this week.

Linkless Link Building

Link building is one of the most critical and challenging strategies for SEO. A well-executed link building strategy takes a significant amount of time; a luxury that digital marketers seldom have. Luckily, link building may have just become easier. Google and Bing now recognize unlinked mentions as a vote of confidence of your site.

How does that change your strategy?

Instead of focusing on just links your link building strategy should also track your brand mentions and concentrate on growing your mentions. To learn more, look at Search Engine’s Land latest article on the topic.

Content Conversation

A new content strategy that is taking off is live video. Live video is changing how companies interact with their customer’s. Brands can now have direct communication with customers via content conversations. This strategy is an excellent new opportunity in content marketing that will most likely gain more popularity as the year progresses. Stay ahead of the curve with this helpful article on content conversation from Marketing Land.

Content Curation

Content is a must have for any digital strategy, but that does not mean you have to create the content yourself. The web is abundant with content that an effective content curation strategy can be just as valuable (if not more valuable) than creating original content yourself.

New to Content Curation?

Never curated content before? Learn from the pros with these 8 tips from Content Marketing Institute.

What’s New in Web Design?

When is the last time you changed or updated your website? If you cannot remember the chances are it has been too long. Websites are continually evolving, and without proper care, your site will be outdated in no time. Discover how website design is changing this year with Hubspot’s 15 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018.

Google Tag Manager

One thing that has not changed in digital marketing is the importance of data. Better data leads to better results. Using Google Tag Manager on your site is one of the best ways to gather impactful data. Learn how to utilize Google Tag Manager with Moz’s newly written An Introduction to Google Tag Manager and change the way you do data.

New Events

Research is helpful, but the best way to keep up with the changes in digital marketing is to attend events and see the changes yourself. Check out our events page and sign up for an event today.

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