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The Weekly Posts: This Weeks Digital Marketing Round-Up


Digital Marketing Round-Up

This week we will be covering how to write for SEO in 2018, discover new strategies to earn links and mentions, explore unconventional ways content marketers are promoting content, and see how AdWords strategists are preparing for Valentine’s day. All of this and more on this weeks round-up of everything digital marketing.

Writing SEO in 2018

When discussing SEO, writing is not always the first word that comes to mind, except for those who do it. Like all aspects of SEO, writing has seen drastic changes over the years. These differences are explored in Moz’s recent article How to Write SEO in 2018. The post breaks down the changes in writing for SEO over the years while highlighting how to write SEO in 2018 successfully. Make sure to take a look and avoid having dated writing.

Earning Links and Mentions in 2018

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO, also one of the most difficult. Link building campaigns take time and patience and can be difficult to measure. Luckily this week Moz took a deep dive into link building with their latest piece How to Earn More Links and Social Shares. The article draws insights from 759 content marketing campaigns. Learn from the failures and take note of the successes, and utilize the data to improve your link building campaign.

New Ways to Promote Content

Last week we discussed Content Conversation, a new way to do content by having brands do live video. This week to expand on that idea, we look at Content Marketing Institute’s latest write up, 4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content and Social Media. Similar to content conversation, their first tip is using Facebook Live. Read the rest to get fresh ideas on how to promote content.

Adword Strategies for Valentines Day

With the start of every new year, it is easy to fall behind quickly. But remember, every week is an opportunity. With Valentine’s day fast approaching, do not forget to implement new strategies into your AdWords to take advantage of the holiday. Check out these 6 AdWord Strategies from Search Engine Land to use this Valentine’s Day.

New Features All Around

The digital marketing landscape is everchanging. This week is no different. Take a look at these new features debuting this week.

Google Adds New SEO Audit Category to Chrome’s Lighthouse Extension

This new chrome feature will allow users to run basic SEO checks on their pages. To see how this new feature works check out this write up by Search Engine Land.

Instagram Triples Story Length

In another industry change, Instagram has just tripled the length of their stories. With this additional length of time brands such as Netflix and Paramount have begun testing adds with three photos or videos playing back-to-back. To get all the details on the extended story feature and how it will change the social media landscape, read Marketing Land’s article Instagram Triples Length of Story Ads with Carousel Format.

Round Out The Week With an Event

That rounds out this week’s latest in digital marketing. Make sure to check out our events page to discover the most recent digital marketing events. Reading is good, by attending events is the best way to stay on top of the evolving digital marketing discipline.

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