Welcome to the relaunched
‘Site Unseen’.
  Previously launched as a podcast, Site Unseen became a casualty of the COVID, when we were too understaffed to do the technical production needed to support podcasting.

That's the bad news. The good news is that we're repurposing the brand name to
serve as the general hub for all the online events we'll be sponsoring in the coming months.

Maybe we'll even be bringing the podcast back but, for now, take a look at the following descriptions of upcoming webinars.

November 30th, 2021

12PM - 12:45PM

Marketing the Direct-to-Consumer Law Firm
How to Create and Sustain a Persistent Lead Funnel

The legal landscape features many different marketing ecosystems. Direct-to-consumer law firms have completely different marketing needs and objectives than business-to-business firms.

In this webicast, we'll be presenting strategies we've used to dramatically increase inbound sales leads for our direct-to-consumer legal clients. We'll also introduce and explain the successes we've had implementing sales and marketing automation tools within the modern law firm. These tools can turn the 'one and done' nature of a sales lead into an ongoing process that creates and nurtures a large, evergreen pool of future clients.

Secrets we'll be sharing in this webicast include:

  • Getting more by doing less.  Auditing and slightly editing existing content, as well as rethinking the Meta tags used on your website can result in huge gains in qualified site visitors. We'll show you how.
  • Increasing organic reach though the use of a 'cluster' based content strategy. Many law firms can benefit from a content creation strategies which rely on identifying pillars of content expertise and building out from these.
  • Creating a smarter marketing funnel. Knowing how to design, write and track paid advertising campaigns is a great start. Conversions increase and relationships begin, though, when that strategy is extended to include audience-specific landing pages and forms which convert, rather than confuse.
  • Bridging the gulf between marketing and sales: Marketing Automation. Today's full-featured CRMs include the ability to create and monitor large pools of past, present and future clients.  Using tools such as KEAP or HubSpot, businesses can now segment clients and prospects by virtually any criteria. Based on this segmentation, marketing and sales activities can be tailored to ensure that prospects and clients are fed a steady diet of content which interests them, moving them deeper into the sales funnel and ensuring continued brand awareness.

Who should attend?

In-house and independent legal marketers, as well as partners tasked with or concerned with marketing and sales strategies. Firms with direct-to-consumer practice areas such as personal injury, and family or tax law will find this webicast especially useful.

Featured Presenters

David Hitt

Dave is Partner and Founder of Splat, Inc. Splat has served the legal community with diverse solutions to the digital marketing challenges of the modern law firm. Our approach begins with marketing due diligence and strategy, and ends with creative and meticulous execution. Their portfolio of law firm work includes some of the East Coast's most recognizable law firms.  They've also partnered with some of the industry's best known independent marketing strategists.

Andrea Salemi

Andrea is the Principal of Blue Noda and frequent collaborator with Splat. Andrea's 10+ years in enterprise level digital marketing give her substantial expertise in various disciplines, including: organic SEO and content strategy, paid and organic social media strategy, pay-per-click ad strategy and sales and marketing automation. Andrea's holistic approach to growth marketing imparts a comprehensiveness to her marketing strategies and allows those strategies to pivot, based on changing circumstance and analysis.

Learn more about Blue Noda here.

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July 22nd, 2021

11AM - 12PM

Shop Local. Buy Local. Market Local.
Definitive Strategies for Success in Local SEO & PPC

Local SEO has long been best-bang-for-the-buck, low-hanging-fruit in digital marketing. A critical part of any bricks-and-mortal business, local has long been a particularly strategic play in industries such as real estate, professional services, retail, and hospitality.

Getting your business to show up in a local pack or leveraging the many paid opportunities Google and Bing offer, though, requires expert strategy and execution. In our next Site Unseen webinar, we'll explore both organic and paid strategies, necessary for your business to succeed in Local SEO.

We'll begin by looking at organic techniques, including:

  • Bringing your GMB listing up-to-speed
  • Seeding your website with localized markers and cues
  • Developing a consistent citation profile across directories
  • Developing and scaling a social review strategy

The second half of our webinar will look at Google-based paid strategies to enhance the local reach of your business.

Local marketing with Google Ads is more than simply geo-targeting your audience in your physical location. It is essential to laser target PPC budgets to reach your customers in all phases of the customer journey and increase ROI. In this part of our webinar, you will learn how to take your local targeting to the next level:

  • GMB Guaranteed Ads
  • Google Ads local ads/extensions
  • Laser focused geo-targeting strategies
  • Lesser known advanced targeting features

David Hitt of Splat and Lisa Raehsler of BigClickCo will be our hosts and presenters.

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June 3rd, 2021

11AM – 12PM

Let's Play Marketing Roulette
(Or... how NOT to market real estate on the web)

Marketing rental or for-sale properties on the web is usually a game of chance. Developer A hires Marketing Agency B, who then recommends what they think are "best practice" strategies. Problem is, though, that these recommendations are often rooted in anecdotes, individual experience, and in-house capability. They're often not rooted in reality.

In this presentation, we'll look at what tactics help you sell or rent properties on the web, under what circumstances and when. Contemporary examples of success will be cited, along with the metrics that prove their success. If you're trying to figure out how to sell or rent properties on the internet, this talk is for you.

David Hitt of Splat, Inc. will be this webinar's host, in our series of webinars, Site Unseen.

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